How To Repaint Your Motorcycle Parts

A creative and easy way to create a pattern.

In this post, SAMURAI Paint  is going to share with you the easy steps of repaint motorcycle parts by using Samurai Aerosol Spray Paint. Below is a list of the tutorial video for each of the motorcycle parts.  We hope you can learn the process and enjoy the tutorials! JOM SPRAY!

List of motorcycle parts that you can repaint by using SAMURAI Spray Paint :


This tutorial will show you the basic steps of repaint the motorcycle cover set by using fluorescent color to make your motorcycle with a fresh look of paint. List of spray paints used in the tutorial:

  1. 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer
  2. 2/102 White
  3. 56** Fluorescent Yellow
  4. 2K01 Clear Gloss

Easy step to get amazing color of 3D Khameleon Samurai Paint with superior quality to brighten up your cover engine part looks different from other paints. List of paint used in the tutorial:

  1. KPP Plastic Primer
  2. 29/109A Flat Black
  3. K3/T501**** Khameleon
  4. 2K01 Clear Gloss


How to get extra glossiness on your helmet? This tutorial show the best simple step to repaint your helmet by using candy color of Samurai paint. List of paint used from the tutorial.

  1. 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer
  2. 29/109A Flat Black
  3. 39/1701 Sparkling Silver
  4. C015/Y111* Candy Blue
  5. 2K01 Clear Gloss


Lets repaint your exhaust look like a new one !  You can easily repaint the exhaust part by using Hi Temp Samurai paint which can stand temperature up to 600’C. Click here to watch more about Hi temp paint.

  1. H1*** Hi-Temp Silver
  2. H2*** Hi-Temp Black


This is the best tutorial for you with the easiest step, you can get excellent results and your rim will look much better. List of paint used in the tutorial :

  1. 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer
  2. 30/109 Black
  3. 40/1123 Sparkling Gold
  4. 2K01 Clear Gloss


Wrinkle paint for inner part of your motorcycle. With the simple step of repaint, you can get the best result and long lasting paint. Find out more about our Truck Bed paint.

  1. 2K08 Undercarriage Epoxy
  2. 2K07 PU Truck bed

Watch more creative video from Samurai Paint here.

So, you have learned basic step of repaint motorcycle part by using SAMURAI Spray Paint. Now, you can start your own project by following this tutorial. Don’t forget to share our post with your friends and leave your comment below for any suggestion. You also can share some of your project by contact us in our Facebook and Instagram. 

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